MR Darcy’s Proposal is up for pre-order people!

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Pre-Order sale price ends on general release date.
 Here is a brief synopsis and the links to both Amazon USA & Amazon UK.


Fitzwilliam Darcy, realising he can no longer ignore or suppress his feelings for Elizabeth Bennet, returns to Netherfield only one week after leaving. But even the best-laid plans can go awry, and their first encounter is disastrous. Elizabeth is left with the same opinion of Mr Darcy as before.
When Elizabeth’s father visit’s Mr Darcy and insists on him joining them for dinner, Darcy reluctantly accepts.
While the men are alone, Mr Darcy confides to Mr Bennet, the true depth of his love and admiration for Elizabeth.
Reluctantly, when Darcy asks permission to court Elizabeth, Mr Bennet agrees, confident that his favourite daughter will refuse.
 Mr Bennet has one stipulation, Darcy MUST win Elizabeth love in only one month. If she fails to do this, then Darcy must forget her forever.
 Tentatively, Darcy begins to woo his beloved, Elizabeth. But just as things seem to be progressing nicely, Caroline Bingley, George Wickham and Elizabeth’s own sister, Lydia, throw everything into jeopardy.
Caroline’s reckless actions force Darcy & Elizabeth, together with Mr Bennet, Mr Bingley and Georgiana to set off for London, where Darcy is determined to deal with his nemesis once and for all.
Will be available in paperback shortly after release date on (27th July).

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