To Love Mr Darcy (teaser)

To Love Mr Darcy new cover


The day after the Netherfield Ball, Elizabeth Bennet received an unexpected caller at Longbourn.
With Mr. Bennet’s full blessing, Fitzwilliam Darcy informs Elizabeth they are to be married.
Furious that they have decided her future for her, Elizabeth sets out to change Darcy’s mind.
However, the untimely interference of Lady Catherine de Bourgh, and Darcy’s subsequent actions makes it impossible for Elizabeth to break their engagement.
The events that follow lead to betrayal, a renewal of affection, and even death.
Yet, in the midst of all this chaos, love blossoms, and in the most unlikely manner…

Teaser excerpt

Darcy could not bear to see how sad and dejected Elizabeth’s demeanour had become.
Was the prospect of becoming his wife really so abhorrent to her?

“Elizabeth, I fear we have got off to a poor start. I thought, after our time together at Netherfield, that you held me in some regard and would welcome my proposal. I did not realise you despised me so vehemently,” Darcy said sadly.

“Then you release me?” Elizabeth asked hopefully.

“No,” he said resolutely. “We will be married as planned, but I would like us to try to become better acquainted before we marry. I would ask that you at least give me a chance, Elizabeth.”

With Darcy being so honest with her in regards to his intentions, Elizabeth also spoke her mind.

“Forgive me, but I too must be candid. I do not despise you, Mr Darcy, but neither do I love you. When I nursed Jane at Netherfield, I thought we dealt very well together. I judged us as more than acquaintances, friends perhaps. And though you may believe that it is a childish fantasy, I had hoped to marry for love,” Elizabeth informed him bluntly.

“A marriage such as your parent’s perhaps?” Darcy retorted, then instantly regretted it.

“Their marriage is of a peculiar kind, I admit, but it has been a long and happy one,” Elizabeth said in defence of her parents. “Can you guarantee ours would be filled with such affection and of such a duration?”

Darcy knew, in all honesty, he could not.

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