12190956_10153128316015598_2658984414604194439_n[1]As usual, for our Halloween get together this year we all dressed in costume. There are only two rules for my attendees and they are,

  1. No costume, no entrance.
  2. You must take a turn in giving  out the candy.

This year the Halloween theme was The Graveyard. Below are some pictures of the costumes we’ve worn, the pumpkins we’ve carved and decorations we’ve used. Its just for fun so enjoy. (Sorry its so late)

12187755_10153128318360598_6046835756117104816_n[1] 12143351_10153128313820598_1271496530283582132_n[1]11222189_10153128314960598_4618057858089000887_n[1] 1653680_10153128313695598_5475884493065717372_n[1] 5 CAITI BRIDE OF DEATH DRACULA AND MINI DRACULA12187883_10153128316095598_4017323489993729392_n[1] 10351311_10152378637465598_441517972764522653_n[1] 12063335_10153128319415598_2213625138664461254_n[1] 604040_10151097813460598_34036839_n[1] 1391952_10152372888935598_6379307082466862285_n[1] 531080_10151097817555598_1975394025_n[1] 267607_10151097813195598_2072278359_n[1] 409139_10151097814610598_997442453_n[1]

Our very best

Lizzie and Darcy x

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