Halloween Creatures


Greetings my friends.

A slight detour from my usual topic, but one that I am sure Lizzie and Darcy would have also had to deal with.


Today, while dusting away some of the cobwebs I have been too busy to remove all summer, I disturbed a giant house spider. I screamed, he probably screamed, and then we both froze. His quandary was to run or not to run; mine was to try to catch him or not to catch him. We all know that autumn will bring an influx of creepy crawlies into our homes, like earwigs, sleepy wasps and spiders, but that doesn’t mean we have to like it.

I am one of those people that if it can run faster than me (and that’s not hard) then it has to go. This is the third such beast I have discovered in one week, and I have to ask myself; Is my home on the spiders list of  Best Places to Stay?

I did briefly consider keeping him and any other 8 legged invader’s for my Halloween Party, but decided I would probably be just as scared as the kids, so that idea was quickly pooh poohed.

Another thing I should consider, is it ethical to remove him? After all, he has to live somewhere, and his only mistake was revealing himself. If I put him out and he dies, will I have blown my chance of reincarnation? (As Buddhist believe) Or am I doing him a favour by not killing him with the Hoover, and letting him take his chances on ‘the outside’. I hate the thought of being the bully and forcibly evicting him, but I also know that if I am to get any sleep tonight, he has to go!

For the moment he is resting blissfully unaware of the dilemma surrounding his fate, on the coving above my head. I will keep checking he is still there every few minutes, until someone else comes home to complete the task. At least that way I will only be partially responsible for his fate.

Telle est la vie (Such is life)


Our very best

Lizzie and Darcy x

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