Dissecting Darcy & Co.

I’ve had a few tweets requesting I repost this blog, so here it is for everyone that missed it first time round. Lady Martine.

Martine Jane Roberts


Now, before you start reading I have to say I Love, Love, Love Jane Austen, and Pride & Prejudice in particular, but let me tell you a story…..
Just the other day, a male relative and I were discussing our love of reading. You can imagine my horror when he told me, proudly, that he had never read any of Jane Austen’s novels. I told him I loved her writings, especially Pride & Prejudice, and felt inspired by her. So much so I now have my own blog and a new book out, (Mr. Darcy’s Struggle, available on Amazon). He declared ‘they would not hold his interest as the characters were too wishy washy for a man.’ His comment set me thinking: are the characters weak? Could some of them be omitted? If so, would it detract from the story at all? There are certainly several characters that we…

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